About Us

Te Matarau means “the multi-faceted face”. We represent a multi-faceted and interconnected community of Māori, working in tech.
Te Matarau is a collective that aims to provide its membership with networking and collaborative opportunities, as well as coordinate the efforts of Māori who are working in the technology sector. Te Matarau seeks to play a strong advocacy role for its membership and aims to provide a safe environment for its members to share Mātauranga, information, expertise, and learnings.

Our Vision

The Te Matarau vision is ultimately to increase Māori representation and participation in the tech sector in Aotearoa New Zealand.
The Te Matarau primary objectives are: 1. To promote diversity within the technology sector in Aotearoa New Zealand, 2. To increase opportunities for Māori working in the tech sector, and 3. To improve digital outcomes for all Māori.

According to the Draft Digital Technologies Industry Transformation Plan 2022-2032, only 4% of the IT workforce are Māori, starting from only 14% taking NCEA technology at school. On top of this, Māori are also less likely to have access to the internet, have a lack of computing equipment and have low digital literacy skills.

We believe that by acting as a representative body, and through collective action of our membership, Te Matarau is well positioned to improve these outcomes.
Nau mai haere mai.
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